Saturday, March 05, 2005

Wine Recs of Mikal Arnold (lead guitarist, Revolver Modele)

Here are wine recommendations from Mikal Arnold, a wine distributor and lead guitarist of one of my favorite bands, Revolver Modele

"these are my following top ten wines for everyday drinking or special occasions":

1. Charles Ellner 1990 Vintage Champagne (special)
2. J.L. Chave 2001 Hermitage Rouge (special)
3. 2001 Mas Igneus Costers del Poboleda (special)
4. Poisson Vouvray
5. Moillard Nuits Saint George primer cru "Malconsorts"
6. Mas Donis, Montsant
7. Niedemeyer Lagrein
8. Claudia Springs 2001 Pinot Noir, Mendocino
9. Sipacha Garnacha
10. Irreverente, Beiras, Portugal

There may be more items such as this in the future, such as film and literature and music recommendations by your local musicians and artists. Let me know your suggestions.

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