Friday, September 30, 2005

Fort Wilson Riot, 5 pm Sat. 1st Avenue Picked to Click!!

Hey everyone, drop everything late Sat. afternoon so you don't miss the very early 5 p.m. show of Fort Wilson Riot as they kick off this year's City Pages' Picked to Click show!! They tied for 9th place and are absolutely my favorite local live band which I feel has great potential to rank with their favorite bands, last night's Arcade Fire, Wolf Parade, and Architecture of Helsinki (my review forthcoming on

This is also a hurricane benefit which costs a wee $6 so you have no excuse not to see some of the very best bands in town unless you have to be out of town. Other bands that were picked to click that are performing include, but are not limited to: We're pretty stoked to be playing, its quite an honor. The rest of the bands include, but I don't think are limited to, The Blind Shake, The Get Up Johns, Chris Koza, Duplomacy, Brother & Sister, Kill the Vultures, and the Stnnng.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Snaky Blues from the Worn Out Shoes

Hot. Dirty. Blues. Hot and heavy as Mississippi from whence they came. Dark, dirty riffs and rhythms that hit you in the gut, and the groin. Primal blues that snake insidiously into your old soul and awaken the urge to dance with wild abandon. That was the spirit of the The Worn Out Shoes who played their brand of old Mississippi inspired blues at the Hexagon to a crowd many who couldn't resist shaking their hips and stomping to the shaker rhythms. I heard a quote from John Lee Hooker, "It's in him, and it's got to come out." That applies well to the slide blues guitar of Donny Moon, and heartbeat rhythms of Duane McIntyre's drums applied with animalistic wildness.

From the first song, I felt the show was a dedication to New Orleans and Mississippi as the songs were tinged with sorrow, and loss, and yet wildly free and sex-drenched slide blues guitar with it's characteristic relentless building tension and sweet release. Donny Moon revealed what I gleamed was true as he dedicated a song to one of a couple major influences, Mississippi's own R. L. Burnside, who died September 1st. I learned later the first song the Worn Out Shoes was inspired by x R. L. Burnside. Donny's guitar and singing style are mainly inspired by Burnside and Fred McDowell, old Mississippi bluesmen. Burnside was a staple of Fat Possum Records who the Worn Out Shoes recently got signed to! The Worn Out Shoes are joining the ranks of (a personal fave label) Fat Possum's luminaries such as Solomon Burke, Junior Kimbrough, Furry Lewis, Freddie King, and hot newer artists such as personal favorites The Black Keys, Grandpaboy, and Heartless Bastards, and post-punk We Are Wolves (see earlier entry for video link).

Well, Donny and Duane put on a mindblowing show. The flash of the slide as it effortlessly danced along the fingerboard, hypnotically applied by Donny (who appears to be one of those musicians who sleeps with his guitar) as he and Duane put on a show enthralling the half-full Hexagon, the crazy-making timing and pauses and transitions caused people to leap up, and dance wildly as though nearly possessed, taken by the spirit of the thing.

I now truly understand why Hex booker Chris Dorn has been recommending these guys most highly to me for so long, and I feel remiss that I've missed earlier shows. I won't let it happen again. Catch them as you can when they're in town (they're from 3.5 hours away near Viroqua, WI). I'll keep you posted. Since they're with Fat Possum it may become harder to see them when they begin touring the nation.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

unforeseen fun with cool mashup made myself with Mothers and We are Wolves

Wow, tired and ready to turn in, serendity strikes as my fave late nite (over)indulgence, WFMU's Beware of the Blog features: A BBC Mother's of Invention Video and a live studio performance of We are Wolves, from Montreal.

Waiting for each to cue, and multitasking (being the Gemini rising I am) I decide play both videos at the same time. The resulting mashup song is unbelieveably cool as the electro-punk band is totally in sync with the old jazzy jam band of Frank Zappa's, not to mention the videos working to watch together. Bonus. Very worth the wait for them to cue, trust me.

Here's the recipe for this very cool, fun time, kids:

1) Going to link for WFMU's Beware of the Blog pick up Sept 20's entry Music from Your Mothers, click on "King Kong."
2) Scroll down a couple entries, past Kenny G, to "Montreal Post Punk Invasion"
3) I found this works best if each are at about the 1/3 point, past the We are Wolves vocals, but it really works no matter what, so have fun.

Each cool stand alone. Great together. Now, I've got the mashup bug. Yikes.

Monday, September 19, 2005

SPMC, the Knotwells, Sound Unseen, Sur Seine and more, soon . . .

There's so much going on toward the end of September and through October, I doubt I'll get much sleep . . . here are a few highlights --

First of all, can't wait for the 6th Annual Sound Unseen Festival! With nearly 40 films, and 13 live music events over 10 days there's just too much to mention here. But things I'm particularly looking forward to are: opening night film Born to Boogie, a T-Rex, Ringo Starr with performance before by phenomenal Little Man, inspired by T-Rex. I also look forward to films Be Here to Love Me: A Film about Townes van Zandt (getting world-wide rave reviews) Leadbelly (by Gordon Parks), and New York Dolls film (never before seen) will be great. I've heard great things about film Favela Rising (about a musician who gets out of the drug wars and makes music that inspires the world). I loved City of God and imagine this will be similarly great film about life in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. Being a big Johnny Cash and George Jones fan, also look forward to "Shakespeare Was a Big George Jones Fan (or Cowboy Jack Clements’ Home Movies)" about lesser known Sun Records producer and his home movies of his friends Cash, Jones and many more -- it will be fun and funny.

Besides the MMA awards Weds Sept at First Ave at 7:00 pm, and the Andrew Bird show on Friday Sept. 23rd at the Cedar Cultural Center, there are:


If you've been missing the SPMC and perchance have not spotted the purple bus, here's your chance to relive the good times as they bring it to the Triple Rock! Don't know for sure if SMOLO will be there, but the music will be great, as always.

On Saturday the Resophonic Guitar Fest held at the Turf was mis-advertised in all the publications as the Chariots, entirely different audiences. While unfortunately less attended than it might otherwise have been, it was much fun as performers such as Baby Grant Johnson, Molly Maher, Charlie Parr, the Ditch Lilies, Crush Collision Trio and the Steve Kaul Trio rocked the place on their National Steels. Great talent and fun, and kudos to Steve Kaul for organizing this sweet annual event.

The Nomad keeps on doing a tremendous job of booking and hosting fun game nights. I hear the Roshambo Tourney's are very fun. I've seen Fat Kid Wednesday's, the hottest free jazz trio in town at the Nomad so keep an eye out for them as they perform there every few weeks and are not to be missed. You'll see them also perform with legendary '60's jazz cats from France in mid-October for the Sur Seine Festival hosted by folks of the Black Dog Cafe and Nato Records in France.

Sept 23 9:00 pmThe Knotwells at the Triple Rock with New Model Army after a Deerhoof show

Sunday's at 6 p.m. Live Roshambo Tourney (Rock, Scissors, Paper)
Mondays: Keep it Movin' Live Hip-Hop & DJs
Wednesdays: Nomad Jazz Series

10/6 - Nomad Singer/Songwriter showcase f/ Spider John Koerner, Matt Pudas
(White Iron Band), Dave Simonett (Trampled by Turtles), Drew (40 Watt Bulb)
and many more!

10/8 - Heavy Sleeper, Little Man
10/16 - Michale Graves (of The Misfits), Ripsnorter and Six Guns
10/22 - Vicious Vicious
10/23 - Live Roshambo Tourney w/ 2 Tix to Paradise!
10/29 – Totally Gross National Product Halloween Party f/ Belles of Skin
City, Mel Gibson & The Pants, Digitata and more!
10/31 - Hip-Hop Halloween Party

Continuing coverage on this side of the river . . . (you can take the girl out of West River, So. Dak. but she'll still live on the West side of the River)


Friday 10/14 Pert Near Sandstone
Thursday 10/20 Dear Machine, the Suggestions (from New York),
Friday 10/28 Autumn Leaves, Heavy Sleeper, Judy's Band
Saturday 10/29 The Close (from Atlanta)

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Today! Cabooze "Crescent City Shakedown" Tipitina benefit for N.O. Musicians

Cabooze off the West Bank is hosting a live music benefit for the

Tipitina's Foundation with a plethora of legendary musicians. Tipitina's Foundation supports musicians of New Orleans find housing and gigs and replace instruments and more. This is an excellent way to directly donate funds to the musicians who lost everything from the hurricane.

The cost of the benefit is a minimum of $10 all of which would go to Tipitina's.

To see Koerner & Glover play together is relatively rare, worthwhile in itself, along with the other great players.

The stunning lineup is as follows (times are approximate):

4:30-5:10: Day Old Bread10:30-11:30: Butanes
5:30-6:10: Butch Thompson
6:25-7:10: Peter Ostroushko
7:25-8:10: Spider John Koerner & Tony Glover
8:25-9:15: Dean McGraw w/Big Wu
9:30-10:10: Paul Metsa

Friday, September 09, 2005

WWOZ-in-Exile New Orleans

Today, Pam Hill of KFAI, who attended the 30 radio station broadcast on the Washington Bridge which raised over $600,000 for Red Cross informed me that WFMU New Jersey, is broadcasting WWOZ-in-Exile, New Orleans' phenomenal community radio and helping them to rebuild. WWOZ's website, features comprehensive listings of ways people everywhere can directly help New Orleans musicians.

There's a list of musicians there who are safe, and a link to Tipitina Foundation where you can learn more about providing housing and support for musicians.

For those concerned about the pets, as I am, and many others I've spoken with . . . WWOZ has updates on what's going on with the critters. Looks like there's a lot of support going on for our four-legged and winged friends. Good.

Pam informed me that Animal Humane Society is leading the region in helping mobilize and relocate animals. Some are coming to Minneapolis, so if you were ever considering adoption, here's a great chance. Some people have asked, and she informed me, that the Audubon Zoo animals were moved to safety.

Portland ROCKS! The Portland Jazz Festival, in partnership with Azumano Travel and additional Portland businesses including the Portland Oregon Visitors Association are offering to transport the New Orleans jazz scene to Portland, Oregon. "We are extending an invitation to all New Orleans jazz musicians and their families to come to Portland while the City of New Orleans rebuilds. Our invitation includes transportation to Portland for the musician and their families, temporary housing for up to three months (or longer based on need), transportation in Portland, public education for their children, and an active jazz network with performance and workshop opportunities, which likely will include a benefit concert to raise money for the artists performing as well as other opportunities produced through Portland Jazz Festival." Great.

Oftentimes, especially today, radio offers some hope in these heartwrenching times.

A Picture Share!

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Monday, September 05, 2005

A Picture Share!

I got a bees reunion goin sweet

Thursday, September 01, 2005

a million ways to distract myself . . .

Okay. I should just take a vow of abstinence from wfmu for 2 weeks while I finish book. I thought I'd just read WFMU's Beware of the Blog, quickly. (beware, is right. You could get lost and never return. It's too addictive with great music stuff, like learning what albums are most heavily spun there in NYC and listening to samples of each one. Sheesh.)

Well, the Blast of Hot Air newsletter is packed not only with useful information every radio programmer and music head might want to know, but also lots of fun, useless, timewasting games like, unfortunately, I am addicted to. Because I am curious, like a cat. Ah, well. From constructing Japanese anime toys, to seeing office guys fly, to drawing space monkeys . . . to a fave free cool videossite!

A fave is definitely, OK GO's A Million Ways dance video. It's campy and cute, kinda like the Beatles meets John Travolta meets Bruce Lee. Watch out, Britney. These dapper dudes have all the right moves.

There's tons of great videos here, but I must work, work, work . . .

No more radio for me till my homework's done.

WWOZ New Orleans show on WFMU

On WFMU's Aircheck show tonight, they ran a special broadcast of WWOZ New Orleans great roots radio station, now physically gone. You can listen to it by going to the above link.

"Billy Dell hosts "Records From the Crypt" with the R&B sounds that the city is famous for including Fats Domino, Irma Thomas, and Frogman Henry.(From 12/04) Destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, WWOZ is trying to return via the internet." They noted that Fats was missing, but he's been located alive and alright.

New Jersey's WFMU noted that people who want to help WWOZ can go to their member site (the above link).