Monday, August 06, 2007

Get Up Johns present: Revival Show & Revival Fest

Well, the monthly Revival Show has had some real whoopers, since the Get Up Johns revived the old-timey revival tent vibe inspired by the earlier, popular House of Mercy Presents and Grand Ol' Opry, at the Turf last April. For Revival Show Sunday August 19th at the Turf Club at 9 p.m. , the Get Up Johns host Tim O'Reagan (the Jayhawks) with Tim Boquist (Son Volt), Chris Koza & Martin Devaney.

Yet more exciting than this, is a road trip to the tent revival style Revival Fest as Sat. Sept. 22 from 5 - 9 p.m. the Get Up Johns pitch the tent and the music at St. John's Preparatory School, in Collegeville MN. There they host phenomenal Charlie Parr, who put on a stunning, foot-stompin' show at the Turf last night with washboard-player Lane (prodigy of Mikkel) — Parr's rousting "Jesus on the Mainline" nearly brought the house down, the Pines (with a great new CD produced by Redhouse) and the great music and revival show preacher/barker style antics of Mike Gunther & His Restless Souls.

Complete with prayer benches and a roughhewn pulpit, Revival Show embraces the style of an old-time tent revival meeting, requiring only that the audience pay the price of admission, and not that they "get right with God," says Get Up John, Josh Wencke. It'll be a good time for all.

Tune in to my special MBOTMA stringband show on Dig Up the Roots

Tune in to KFAI tomorrow, Tuesday Aug. 7, from 9 - 11 a.m. as I play fiddle and banjo tunes by folks performing at MBOTMA past and present! Get geared up for the 28th Annual MBOTMA fest held at el Rancho Manana as you'll hear stringbands performing this year such as Poor Benny (just released a great new CD), Eric and Suzy Thompson, The High 48s, Dan Gellert, Moss Piglets, and those from the past such as Mill City Grinders, Pert Near Sandstone, Uncle Earl, Rayna Gellert, Reeltime Travelers, the Wilders, and many more. I'll also feature music the likes of what you'll hear around campfires such as by Clancy Ward (former original Dickel Brother from Portland) and Sarah York, sounding just like the old '78s they're into, fiddler Tim Foss, and members of the above bands joining in the all-day/all-night jam sessions. MBOTMA is really a good time, with five stages, workshops, lots of dancing, playing and listening to old fiddle tunes. Just watch out for "Hard Times on Beaver Dam Road" and be careful if you "go up on Sugar Hill." And, give Clayton a nickel, see if he'll dance.

I'll present a calendar with some dates and times of performances, workshops and dances. During my weekly Dakota Dave Hull calendar at 10 a.m Thursdays, I'll present my fuller calendar "What's Happenin'" so stay tuned for that as well, as there are more good times in this town any given night than one can keep track of . . .

So check it out as I substitute host for Greg Carr bringin' you great old-timey tunes and helpin' you out in "gettin' ready to go!" And, if you miss it, remember you can pick it up in the KFAI Archives, Under Dig Up the Roots!