Tuesday, June 28, 2005

My archived radio show cohosting Mystery Train! Lots of local artists!

Early this morning, in the wee hours of 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. while most folks sleep, party or work graveyards. . . I got to cohost
Mystery Train with host David Wiley. You can listen to our show by clicking on the above link, scrolling down to Mystery Train "most recent show" (or "previous show" if you catch this a week later).

This was my first time managing the board by myself for the entire show broadcast live! It was more exciting and fun than I can express . . . I LOVE radio. And music. So, I brought in a ton of local stuff, favorite fiddlers, people who have shows coming up and so on.

People I played included two songs of That's What You Get, The Worn Out Shoes, The Black-Eyed Snakes, Popcycle (Local Smoke), The Deaths, Valet, Glenrustles, Spider John Koerner and Willy Murphy from a rare album, Gene Clark, The Dickel Bros., Bauhaus, Rev. Gary Davis, Marianne Faithful. David played tons of cool tunes -- we took turns with CD's and came up with some pretty interesting song connections and juxtapositions.

David was great to work with, so I felt more at ease with the board; it went pretty smoothly overall. I'd love to do this more, and as a matter of fact will be substituting for him on July 12, and interviewing Robin Kyle of Valet during that show, so mark your calendars for late Monday, early a.m. Tues. then, and call or write me with requests. You can call me then at the station too, at 612-341-0980.

By the way, B, thanks for that sweet surprise CD in the mail. That made my day. You can bet I shall be using that on future shows. You rock.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

A new favorite thing

WFMU's Soundbyte of the day. Keep refreshing page, or page back and forward to get new soundbytes! Pretty fun stuff.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Ol' Yeller at Nomad World Pub, this Friday!


OL' YELLER at 12:00
Big Ditch Road at 11:00
Shimmy Music at 10:00

--they have great beer and a beautiful patio--
501 Cedar Ave., Minneapolis

cover $5

Wailin' Elroys tonite at Lee's Liquor Lounge

Last night I was driving to the Turf Club from the great Get Up Johns show at the 331 Club (which also featured a couple guys who did great old country covers), and thinking how I really wanted to hear some good ol' honky tonk stringband music, in kind of a juke joint environment. I had no idea my wish would come true that same night as The Wailin' Elroys from Athens, Ohio played. I really enjoyed this fun band, with a terrific fiddler, who were doing something similar in structure to the Onion Creek Crawdaddies from Austin, Texas who I saw at the Rodeo Bar in NYC.

The Wailin' Elroys are playing again tonight at Lee's, and I highly recommend this show, as there isn't really anything like them in town that I can think of. They describe themselves as Hillbilly/Rockabilly and that they draw on influences from Dwight Yoakam to the Ramones, to Hank Williams, and Chuck Berry while keeping a traditional Honky Tonk band format (fiddle, upright bass, other stringed instruments). Lee's of course is the perfect place to see a band such as this.

Monday, June 20, 2005

"Lakota Winter Count" website by Invioni wins Webby Award

This is a little late, but checking in on a friend, Carlos of Invioni, I learned the website he developed for a Smithsonian online exhibit Lakota Winter Counts won this year's Webby Award in the category of Cultural Institutions, the web equivalent of winning an Oscar! We talked about this project last winter at a film party. I was excited to hear of it, (I grew up near the Rosebud and Pine Ridge rez's where some of my childhood friends were from), It's a great subject and Carlos was doing great work with conducting interviews and gathering info. It's a beautiful site. Congrats, Carlos!

Other Webby award winners happened to include some of my very favorite sites: Best online newspaper, Guardian Unlimited , my primary source for world news, as they seem to have the most in-depth reports, first, fascinating and intelligent writing, with good humor as well.

McSweeney's Internet Tendency got best Copy/Writing which is terrific, because Dave Eggers' San Fran writer's collective and school are brilliant and the site is fun -- I get lost in it for hours. BBC One won Best Music and Best News sites, which seems obvious. Book Crossing, won People's Choice for Community website. It's a very cool idea, reading and releasing your fave books off at various locations for other bibliophiles to find, report found and share comments on said books on the site, as well as organize book groups.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

My book deal today! On Spider John, Willie Murphy, and more West Bank legends of 60's & 70's

Today, about 1/2 hour ago, I just met with my editor and future publisher at Tripark Creative, who will be publishing, my first book by Christmas!! It's a compilation of interviews I've conducted and will continue to conduct with West Bank musicians who got the folk and music scene going on the legendary West Bank in the 60's and 70's at places such as the Extempore, The Scholar, the New Riverside, and The Triangle Bar. There will be interviews with people who frequented those spots, and have great stories to tell as well.

Some of the musicians featured will include Spider John Koerner, Willie Murphy, perhaps Glover, Bill Hinkley and Judy Larson (the Sorry Muthas, and instigators of the thriving jugband scene here) anecdotals about Dave Ray from contacts during the 60's, John Beach, and many more . . . many who founded the revival of the blues scene and were part of the burgeoning folk scene across America, are still playing regularly today. Some taught and gave Bonnie Raitt her start, producing and playing on her first album, 1971.

Difficult to locate photos will be a strong feature (this is where my many years of photo research and procural at the Science Museum come in handy -- if anyone can locate hard-to-find info and media, it's me). Chances are great that there'll be a companion compilation CD. Partial proceeds of my book will go to a fund for healthcare for the musicians featured in the book.

So far, information and resources for photos and hard-to-find music have been pouring in, a very good sign.

I'm super-excited about this project! Feel free to contact me with Q's at cynth@bitstream.net

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Sad Songs Say So Much

Click above title to link from Guardian UK: "What do Pink Floyd, Bette Midler and Metallica have in common? They've all written horribly depressing tunes, according to Tom Reynolds, author of I Hate Myself and Want to Die. He offers his top 25 miserable tracks."

The writing is funny, whether you agree or disagree with his selections. Timely, as earlier this week over a few beers with a friend at the Viking, we were laughing/mock crying listening to: "I Can't Live (if Living is Without You)" reminding me of a favorite scene on BBC Comedy, "Chef" when the chef humiliates himself in front of his clientele singing (crying) this song horribly after his breakup. Discussion ensues at the Viking re: worst "sad" song that should never have been written, with the conclusion that the one about "I left my cake out in the rain (and it took so long to bake it!)" by Donna Summer ranked highly. Wonder what she meant by that? Hmm.

I and another friend (who's one of the most knowledgeable music historians I've met!) over drinks at Turf after a tough game of rock trivia, strongly agreed that we really love maudlin tunes, absolutely, I still find this article funny, tho. None of the songs we discussed made this list. Phew. Long Black Veil and House Carpenter's Daughter being two of my all-time faves, I have to say I am glad these didn't get taken apart by Reynolds (as far as I know).

Sunday, June 12, 2005

my Heartless Bastards review on their site; Cabooze trib tonite

Alright. Just got off the West Bank from listening to great John Beach (Angel Headed Hipster, with Willie Murphy), John Moline (one of my fave fiddlers in town)and John ?, Doug (John) Anderson (Spider John's banjo), the band without a name who I christened "The Johns (and D.John)" or which J. Mo. renamed 3 Johns, No Waiting."

Playing the Black Keys (great) and making a rare and narcissistic move: googling myself. So I see that one of my reviews from a while back, of the Heartless Bastards, which I really enjoyed in spite of the locale, is featured along with some of my favorite publications. E.G. Time Out New York (one of the BEST) and the Independent UK (great!), Rolling Stone, Guitar Player. Not saying the writing ranks, but man, it's nice to be included on her site with that bunch. Cool.

Tonite, tribute to local graphic artist Johnny Hanson at the Cabooze, fe: Lamont Cranston Super Band and Hillbilly Voodoo Dolls. I won't say anything about one entity because I hear he's all about Clear Channel . . . Arghhh. But for the rest of it this should be great.

As usual I should be working on my book, but out listening to music instead. But integrating self with West Bank again will only help it as that's what it's all about ('60's and '70's West Bank Music scene -- out by Christmas, hopefully.

SPMC's Mini Grand Young Day fe: Mammy Nuns, Glenrustles, Stingray Green, BBLM and more!

"A Nod to Neil" will feature Grand Young Day music mainstays performing at the Entry this Saturday, June 18 at 9 pm, for a mere $5! Come out and enjoy tons of great music by some of the funnest, best, and most *notorious bands in town of several years. *(Willie Murphy quote: if you make a lot of money playing music, you're famous. If you don't, you're notorious.")

The event will be MC'ed by Mike Suade and will fe: Mammy Nuns, the Glenrustles, Stingray Green (fe: members of the legendary Magnolias, the Spectors, Vandalia, Magnatones), Busiest Bankruptcy Lawyers in MN, and Steve Brantseg Band (Bransteg, of Hillbilly Voodoo Dolls). I recently learned (on the SMOLO bus) Brantseg hails from my home state of So. Dak. He's played with John Ewing for many years (who Mattson informs me has an excellent recording just waiting to be released).

Smolo the mobile SMOking LOunge (SPMC's big purple bus all grooved out, feeling like a time machine, mod '60's lava lamps, fur. . . ) will not be at the Entry for "A Nod to Neil," due to lack of parking, but expect to see it at Lee's Liquor Lounge, Friday, June 17th for Mammy Nuns and the Belfast Cowboys, and other bars near you in the near future.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Mark Mallman last night. Or was that Chris Richardson?

Last night, I was one of the *few* people in on Mark Mallman's "secret" that he was playing the Turf at midnight (thanks to his announcement on MySpace. And David DeYoung, who told the secret on his blog, promising not to tell anybody.) There were about 100 or more of us at the late show that began about 12:45 and pushed against the bar close as hard as it could. The man claiming to be Chris Richardson, bearing a striking resemblance to Mark Mallman, threw a wild dance party, making people dance, take off their shirts, perform chiropractic miracles on the dance floor, and just generally rock out as is inevitable at the brilliantly talented keyboardist's show. The shows sound to me like an amalgamation of the Who, Queen, Elton John, and Led Zeppelin rolled into one epic rock opera. He's stunning to watch and hear, the best live rock show you could hope to see. . . simple lyrics are astute such as "The Heart is a Loaded Weapon."

After witnessing over 1/4 of his 52.4 hour marathon including the victorious, thrilling end, I drop everything to see his live shows. Can't wait for the 7 consequitive nights at the Hexagon July 24 - 30! Be on the lookout for live "How Is the Show" coverage from here during this spectacular (what I like to call) Mallman 7 Night Marathon with coffee and lunch breaks.

First time on the radio. . . Famous Dave's Blues Fest

Today is my first day manning the board at KFAI, during the live broadcast of Famous Dave's Blues Fest. My hours are from 5 - 7. The fest is great, filled with legends such as Motor City Rhythm and Blues Pioneers (pre-Motown) with Alberta Adams until 6:15.

Check out Big Walter Smith & the Groove Merchants from 9:10 - 10:30 p.m. (the City of Minneapolis has declared June 11 "Big Walter Smith Day" in honor of Walter's 50 years in music!)

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Nomad World Pub Patio Opening with Band League Croque Tourney and bands

Friday, June 17 - Sunday June 19 Nomad World Pub on the West Bank, celebrates their patio opening with several fun events. Bands are forming croquet leagues to compete at an all day tourney on Saturday, June 18th on the new green game space.

Friday, June 17, 9 pm willl be a hip-hop night featuring Power Struggle from New York, and local bands Insanely Beautiful, and Outside. Food and drink specials all night.

Saturday, June 18, 9 pm Jack Brass Band w/ Jessy Greene (who will be performing with members of Heiruspecs, who are rumored to be touring nationally with Ja Rule this summer.)

Sunday, June 19, film The Commitments will be shown outdoors at dusk followed by music by the Tim Malloys. This is the first of a series of outdoor music and film for the summer.

Croquet leagues will be forming soon at the Nomad World Pub. Go to the website or call Chris Mozena at 612-338-6424 for details and signing up a four-person league.

Nomad World Pub Benefit and Courage Center bennie for bicycle enthusiast Chris Zito

A fundraising benefit - Rubber-side Down - for Chris Zito & The Courage Center will be held on Thursday June 2nd at The Nomad World Pub (www.nomadpub.com ) and will feature an eclectic evening of live music, a spaghetti dinner, a huge silent auction w/ bikes, gear, bar tabs, concert tickets and much more! (Also featuring $2 PBR and $2 Double Diamond pints all night!)

Chris, a former bicycle courier and a current employee at Quality Bike Products, as well as a doorman at The Nomad, sustained serious head and neck injuries while mountain biking in mid-April . While he was recently released from the hospital, Chris is still unable to work and has amassed significant medical expenses.

Proceeds from the event, including; a portion of bar sales, 100% of the silent auction revenue and 100% of the recommended $10 donations at the door will be split between Chris’ outstanding medical expenses and Minneapolis’ Courage Center, which provides rehabilitative services to those in need.

Bands which are graciously donating their time include;

Killing Grace – 12am
4130 – 11pm
The Liquor Pigs – 9:30pm
Twisted Liguistics – 8:45pm
Ike & Lico – 8:00pm

For more information, contact Chris Mozena @ The Nomad World Pub at 612-338-6424 or by email at errorapparent@hotmail.com

The Nomad World Pub is located at 501 S. Cedar Ave., on the West Bank of Minneapolis, MN 55454

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Pulse David Campbell article and Dorn/Hexagon articles

Today, MNSpeak.com linked to my David Campbell profile in the Pulse. David was really fun to interview and is an all-around great guy, very supportive of local music.

Another dedicated local music promoter, Chris Dorn of the Beatifics, who books the Hexagon, will be profiled in the Seward Profile which should be out Friday and available all month at various bars and restaurants on the West Bank and in the Seward neighborhood.