Saturday, June 11, 2005

Mark Mallman last night. Or was that Chris Richardson?

Last night, I was one of the *few* people in on Mark Mallman's "secret" that he was playing the Turf at midnight (thanks to his announcement on MySpace. And David DeYoung, who told the secret on his blog, promising not to tell anybody.) There were about 100 or more of us at the late show that began about 12:45 and pushed against the bar close as hard as it could. The man claiming to be Chris Richardson, bearing a striking resemblance to Mark Mallman, threw a wild dance party, making people dance, take off their shirts, perform chiropractic miracles on the dance floor, and just generally rock out as is inevitable at the brilliantly talented keyboardist's show. The shows sound to me like an amalgamation of the Who, Queen, Elton John, and Led Zeppelin rolled into one epic rock opera. He's stunning to watch and hear, the best live rock show you could hope to see. . . simple lyrics are astute such as "The Heart is a Loaded Weapon."

After witnessing over 1/4 of his 52.4 hour marathon including the victorious, thrilling end, I drop everything to see his live shows. Can't wait for the 7 consequitive nights at the Hexagon July 24 - 30! Be on the lookout for live "How Is the Show" coverage from here during this spectacular (what I like to call) Mallman 7 Night Marathon with coffee and lunch breaks.

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