Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Sad Songs Say So Much

Click above title to link from Guardian UK: "What do Pink Floyd, Bette Midler and Metallica have in common? They've all written horribly depressing tunes, according to Tom Reynolds, author of I Hate Myself and Want to Die. He offers his top 25 miserable tracks."

The writing is funny, whether you agree or disagree with his selections. Timely, as earlier this week over a few beers with a friend at the Viking, we were laughing/mock crying listening to: "I Can't Live (if Living is Without You)" reminding me of a favorite scene on BBC Comedy, "Chef" when the chef humiliates himself in front of his clientele singing (crying) this song horribly after his breakup. Discussion ensues at the Viking re: worst "sad" song that should never have been written, with the conclusion that the one about "I left my cake out in the rain (and it took so long to bake it!)" by Donna Summer ranked highly. Wonder what she meant by that? Hmm.

I and another friend (who's one of the most knowledgeable music historians I've met!) over drinks at Turf after a tough game of rock trivia, strongly agreed that we really love maudlin tunes, absolutely, I still find this article funny, tho. None of the songs we discussed made this list. Phew. Long Black Veil and House Carpenter's Daughter being two of my all-time faves, I have to say I am glad these didn't get taken apart by Reynolds (as far as I know).

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