Thursday, June 16, 2005

My book deal today! On Spider John, Willie Murphy, and more West Bank legends of 60's & 70's

Today, about 1/2 hour ago, I just met with my editor and future publisher at Tripark Creative, who will be publishing, my first book by Christmas!! It's a compilation of interviews I've conducted and will continue to conduct with West Bank musicians who got the folk and music scene going on the legendary West Bank in the 60's and 70's at places such as the Extempore, The Scholar, the New Riverside, and The Triangle Bar. There will be interviews with people who frequented those spots, and have great stories to tell as well.

Some of the musicians featured will include Spider John Koerner, Willie Murphy, perhaps Glover, Bill Hinkley and Judy Larson (the Sorry Muthas, and instigators of the thriving jugband scene here) anecdotals about Dave Ray from contacts during the 60's, John Beach, and many more . . . many who founded the revival of the blues scene and were part of the burgeoning folk scene across America, are still playing regularly today. Some taught and gave Bonnie Raitt her start, producing and playing on her first album, 1971.

Difficult to locate photos will be a strong feature (this is where my many years of photo research and procural at the Science Museum come in handy -- if anyone can locate hard-to-find info and media, it's me). Chances are great that there'll be a companion compilation CD. Partial proceeds of my book will go to a fund for healthcare for the musicians featured in the book.

So far, information and resources for photos and hard-to-find music have been pouring in, a very good sign.

I'm super-excited about this project! Feel free to contact me with Q's at

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