Sunday, June 12, 2005

my Heartless Bastards review on their site; Cabooze trib tonite

Alright. Just got off the West Bank from listening to great John Beach (Angel Headed Hipster, with Willie Murphy), John Moline (one of my fave fiddlers in town)and John ?, Doug (John) Anderson (Spider John's banjo), the band without a name who I christened "The Johns (and D.John)" or which J. Mo. renamed 3 Johns, No Waiting."

Playing the Black Keys (great) and making a rare and narcissistic move: googling myself. So I see that one of my reviews from a while back, of the Heartless Bastards, which I really enjoyed in spite of the locale, is featured along with some of my favorite publications. E.G. Time Out New York (one of the BEST) and the Independent UK (great!), Rolling Stone, Guitar Player. Not saying the writing ranks, but man, it's nice to be included on her site with that bunch. Cool.

Tonite, tribute to local graphic artist Johnny Hanson at the Cabooze, fe: Lamont Cranston Super Band and Hillbilly Voodoo Dolls. I won't say anything about one entity because I hear he's all about Clear Channel . . . Arghhh. But for the rest of it this should be great.

As usual I should be working on my book, but out listening to music instead. But integrating self with West Bank again will only help it as that's what it's all about ('60's and '70's West Bank Music scene -- out by Christmas, hopefully.


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Roberto Iza Valdes said...
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