Thursday, September 01, 2005

a million ways to distract myself . . .

Okay. I should just take a vow of abstinence from wfmu for 2 weeks while I finish book. I thought I'd just read WFMU's Beware of the Blog, quickly. (beware, is right. You could get lost and never return. It's too addictive with great music stuff, like learning what albums are most heavily spun there in NYC and listening to samples of each one. Sheesh.)

Well, the Blast of Hot Air newsletter is packed not only with useful information every radio programmer and music head might want to know, but also lots of fun, useless, timewasting games like, unfortunately, I am addicted to. Because I am curious, like a cat. Ah, well. From constructing Japanese anime toys, to seeing office guys fly, to drawing space monkeys . . . to a fave free cool videossite!

A fave is definitely, OK GO's A Million Ways dance video. It's campy and cute, kinda like the Beatles meets John Travolta meets Bruce Lee. Watch out, Britney. These dapper dudes have all the right moves.

There's tons of great videos here, but I must work, work, work . . .

No more radio for me till my homework's done.

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