Friday, September 09, 2005

WWOZ-in-Exile New Orleans

Today, Pam Hill of KFAI, who attended the 30 radio station broadcast on the Washington Bridge which raised over $600,000 for Red Cross informed me that WFMU New Jersey, is broadcasting WWOZ-in-Exile, New Orleans' phenomenal community radio and helping them to rebuild. WWOZ's website, features comprehensive listings of ways people everywhere can directly help New Orleans musicians.

There's a list of musicians there who are safe, and a link to Tipitina Foundation where you can learn more about providing housing and support for musicians.

For those concerned about the pets, as I am, and many others I've spoken with . . . WWOZ has updates on what's going on with the critters. Looks like there's a lot of support going on for our four-legged and winged friends. Good.

Pam informed me that Animal Humane Society is leading the region in helping mobilize and relocate animals. Some are coming to Minneapolis, so if you were ever considering adoption, here's a great chance. Some people have asked, and she informed me, that the Audubon Zoo animals were moved to safety.

Portland ROCKS! The Portland Jazz Festival, in partnership with Azumano Travel and additional Portland businesses including the Portland Oregon Visitors Association are offering to transport the New Orleans jazz scene to Portland, Oregon. "We are extending an invitation to all New Orleans jazz musicians and their families to come to Portland while the City of New Orleans rebuilds. Our invitation includes transportation to Portland for the musician and their families, temporary housing for up to three months (or longer based on need), transportation in Portland, public education for their children, and an active jazz network with performance and workshop opportunities, which likely will include a benefit concert to raise money for the artists performing as well as other opportunities produced through Portland Jazz Festival." Great.

Oftentimes, especially today, radio offers some hope in these heartwrenching times.


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