Friday, March 25, 2005

The Knotwells, music for "trash like you"

The Knotwells, an absolute favorite band of mine, has a great brand new website created by web designer Suzanne Scholten, one of Gunther's Restless Souls. (I hear she may do a cover of the Knotwell's crowd favorite, "Trash Like You" on the uke at some point.)

I thoroughly enjoy their shows, as do about 300 or so regular followers who wildly dance at their fun parties. Their music defies distinct categorization and is best expressed by them, "Imagine if Bad Religion started out playing barn dances or if Muzsikas had grown up broke and pissed in the midwest--then they might've sounded something like the Knotwells.  This West Bank, Minneapolis sextet's high energy shows have been known to sometimes include belts of dynamite, donkey funerals, and amplified bicycle wheels."

I've seen their shows around the West Bank. They played outside the 7th Street Entry where they were scheduled the night that First Avenue closed, that tragic election day. They've played nearly 70 shows over the past 3 years. If you haven't seen them you don't know what you're missing. But it's understandable because they don't shamelessly promo their shows.

I can't recommend them highly enough. Yet, I don't know when they're playing next. I'll keep you posted. Check their website. They love playing in basements. Ask them to play in yours!

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TVDave said...

Knotwells tonite at Mala's.