Thursday, March 03, 2005

Recent music discoveries

A quick reminder: go see/support Kruddler tomorrow nite (thurs) at the T-Rock. Great article by Hallett in the Pulse about Kruddler, btw. See my earlier post.

2 CD's I heard today, that I deeply long to add to my collection, that I am compelled to talk about. Sarah Lee Guthrie (granddaughter of Woody) and Johnnie Irion's Exploration. Produced by Gary Louris and Ed Ackerson, and featuring Ruthy Ungar (the Mammals) and Jay Ungar (father, and tremendous fiddler also), and Twin Cities' own Jayhawks Louris on backup vocals/guitar, Marc Perlman on bass and Eric Heywood on pedal steel guitar. I have a lot of favorites on this CD on first listen, but especially "Dr. King" by Pete Seeger, "Cease Fire," "Mornin's Over," "Georgia Pine," and "Gotta Prove." All these and others feature great fiddle and vocals and songwriting.

2nd: I was really impressed by the Heartless Bastards at the 400 Bar on Sat. For now I'll say that they were great in their straightforward, tough, raw, strong rock and punk with great vocals, guitar, bass, drums, and piano. (Soon I'll post a full review on -- I'm a contributing writer.) All songs written and sung by petite, tough, and non-pretentious Erika Wennerstrom from Dayton, Ohio, bass by Mike Lamping, drums, Kevin Vaughn. Erika is a deeper, lower vocalist sounding inspired by Janis Joplin, Robert Plant, the Kinks, and way early Patti Smith. Wennerstrom deeply and oft -ferociously sings the heavy blues, punk, swamp rock and '70's Southern and classic rock she/they seem inspired by, including aspects of Led Zepellin, Iggy and the Stooges, and the Ramones. At various times I also was reminded of the Black Keys (who they thank in the liner notes) and of Sonic Youth. Besides the honest, raw, agressive songs about being stuck in bad situations, getting self out, and stridently proclaiming a better future, by writer/vocalist Erika, there is a great cover of Junior Kimbrough's (one of the greatest blues guitarist of the mid-late 20th century, "Done Got Old". This album is highly recommended.

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