Sunday, March 20, 2005

Spider John Koerner updates continued. . .

Hi folks --

With the advent of this film which I've been excited about for ages, comes Chris Reimenschneider's article which is interesting and captures John's humble humor well. I'm happy that Chris made note of the regular Viking gig as it's a good one, right where Koerner's at home.

For an in-depth interview I conducted with Seward resident Spider John in August (pre-Chronicles "fame") go to my Seward Profile article. That was a really fun interview, covering a lot of territory, the stars, and the sea.

I talked to John at KFAI after his interview there prior to a Juke Joint series performance and he said that the album he did with Willie Murphy, Running, Jumping, Standing Still will be rereleased as a CD from Red House. Hurray! It's a great one. You can read more about their antics on the road with that one, in the Willie Murphy interview I linked you to earlier. Best yet, just come out tonight between 7:30 and 10:30 pm and say "hi' to John, have a foot-stompin' great time, and, don't treat him like a guru. He hates that : ) Chances are very good that his Amsterdam friend, McGlynn, the director will be there tonight as well and will be happy to talk about the film.

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