Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Mark Olson & Safety Last at Lee's tonight!

Safety Last & Mark Olson
Lee's Liquor Lounge, 9 pm
101 Glenwood Ave. 612-338-9491

Safety Last plays at 9:00, Mark Olson plays at 10:15

Note from a Safety Last person:
"For those with short memories or just born too late, back in the
early 80s when the first Safety Last was playing at bars like the Longhorn,
7th St. Entry, Duffy's, and Goofy's Upper Deck, they knew Mark Olson
from his band Stagger Lee, another rockabilly band on the scene. 
When Tim formed Solar Knights in 1981, Gary Louris joined Safety Last. 
And after Safety Last called it quits in early 1984, Mark invited Gary to
join his new band, the Jayhawks.  We think it's very fitting that Mark has
asked Safety Last to open the show tonight.  Hope to see you there!"

I personally am hoping that Raz Russell and Victoria Williams are there as well, but I haven't heard how she is doing these days, or if she is in town. This will be a fun one, and a great way to shake off doing my taxes.

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