Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Raleigh's Burrito Bash at the Turf! Tues, March 8

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Mark calendars! This event is guaranteed to be loads of fun! Featuring plethora of bands, Hosted by MC Renaldo Moon! : John Ewing (who will have past CD's for sale, go buy some, in anticipation of his excellent new one hopefully to be released soon!), Martin Devaney, the Crotch Rockets, the Mammy Nuns, Ol' Yeller, Valet, The Rank Strangers, Kruddler, and Little Man! Hard to believe, but it's all true, all one nite, one place. With Raleigh's great Tex-Mex cookin' --
Only 4 dollars. Music starts at 9.
With Lone Star Beer and Margarita specials all night, Chips & Salsa and Frito Pie specials, too. TexMex music, a pinata and other thematic thrills to be had. A taste of Friday on Tuesday night brought to you by the St. Paul Music Club. Yee haw!


IFStone said...

Hi Cyn,
Found your blog via Howwastheshow. I'm just curious: what is the story behind the Burrito Bash? The lineup does look good.

Cyn Collins said...

Hi, they say of this event: This is actually the 3rd Burrito Bash, and it's not annual. The first ones were in the late 90's when Raleigh opened at the Turf. Pretty much just another reason to celebrate friends, food and fun. This year will be the biggest as far as taking the theme all the way. Plus, the most bands.