Thursday, July 21, 2005

Stay Up and Spin with Cyn! On KFAI . . . from 2 - 5 a.m.

Hey friends! Listen to my show tonight as I fill in again for the Strawberry Pop timeslot! It'll be a doozy as I spin your local faves (and if there's someone I'm missing, call and let me know at 612-341-0980!)

A feature of tonight's show will be seven songs of Mallman, to celebrate his upcoming seven nights July 24 - 30 at the Septagon (if you count the outside as a "side" at the good ol' Hexagon). He's commemorating seven years of playing, seven recordings, in the seventh month of the year. No, unfortunately I won't be playing all seven albums. That would be about one-seventh of his 52.4 hour marathon. Okay, enough of this, you'll never listen to me, if I keep going on like this.

I'll also feature songs by Little Man, a favorite live band of mine, who are playing with Stingray Green Tuesday, July 26, another fave who I unfortunately have no recording of as yet, so we're sol. But I think you'll like Little Man.

I'll play some songs of artists playing at the Northeast Folk Festival at Grumpy's, all day Sunday beginning at noon. I'm super-excited that I got a call from Tony Glover accepting an interview for my book on West Bank musicians. So, in honor of that, you'll hear some Koerner, Ray and Glover. You would anyway!

I'll play a brand new 7" vinyl (I feel a theme going on here, who knew my first theme would be a number? I didn't! But hey!) by another fave band, Ouija Radio who had an outstanding live performance at the spectacular Varsity Theater with a stunning light show and sound conducted by Erik Stromstad. When I have another sub radio gig (or a regular spot, lead Christy Hunt will "Spin With Cyn" bringing in some of the "ghosts on the radio" she's "tight with." Vinyls by Jimi, Keith Moon . . . I'll play something by one of their fave bands, Awesome Car Funmaker.

So, if you're coming home from bar or are at a party, or having insomnia, tune in to Spin with Cyn!

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David said...

Where do we vote for you to get a permanent KFAI timeslot? All those in favor, say "Arr!" (Or is that "Aye!?")