Thursday, July 28, 2005

Mallman at Septagon, Nite 3

I walked into the Hex late, but still in time to see Mark Mallman and his great band going at it full tilt. To me, there's no live show in town quite as exciting as a Mallman show. The one I'd attended prior, Little Man comes close, with his stunning guitar chops, which is why I was late. There was a bigger crowd at the Hex than Monday night, and I could feel the momentum of the week and the enthusiasm of the crowds building, much as momentum builds during Mallman's shows themselves. While I don't remember what the last two songs were, I do remember hearing lyrics about a rabbit getting run over repeatedly and a lot of stream of consciousness singing and rapping as Mallman is wont to do and does so well. . . his lyrics are macabre, funny, tragic, tongue-in-cheek, campy sung with the drama of Queen or Led Zepellin or some long lost stadium rock fervor on a tiny stage across the street from his favorite bowling alley. It's as compelling to watch as it is to listen.

Steeped in whiskey, I declared Mallman the best live performer in town, that will be remembered for maybe seven decades. DeYoung took it a notch higher, exclaiming "best on the planet!" Today, I'll stick with my opinion that Mallman is one of the most brilliant live performers around with his passion, humor and over-the-top drama and camp. He does it with feeling and a refreshing spontanaeity, with some of the best bandmates anyone could hope for. Perhaps the "planet" is a possibility, even though I don't know all the players on the planet, sooo . . . what Mallman does is indeed filled with soul.

I look forward to the remaining 4 nights, and recommend people catch Mark Mallman and his brilliant musicians Peter Anderson, Cat on bass and Ryan (Melismatics) (who possesses phenomenal rare chops on the guitar that blow me away) while they can.

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