Monday, July 11, 2005

Listen to Mystery Train tonight from 2 - 5 a.m. fe: Valet members

Tonight I'm substitute host for David Wiley's Mystery Train on KFAI, 2 - 5 a.m. The first hour Robin Kyle and Judd Hildreth of Valet will come in and entertain us with Robin's acoustic guitar and singing and Judd with comedy and tales of his other terrific band, Duplomacy. We'll also spin some of their favorite songs.

I'll play a bunch of performers from the upcoming Green Man festival, as well as some Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan, and songs from a plethora of local musicians, some brand new and forthcoming. I'll also play some old-timey stringband music sure to keep you up all nite. Who needs sleep when you can dance instead?

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