Saturday, July 16, 2005

Hosting KFAI's Womenfolk Sunday, w/guest Alicia Corbett 1 - 3 pm

Hello! If you are up for it, listen to Womenfolk tomorrow, Sunday, from 1 - 3 pm. I'm substitute hosting for Ellen Stanley and will feature special guest Alicia Corbett playing live in the studio at about 1:30. She'll stick around and we'll play some of her favorite songs. I'll play some French musicians in honor of Bastille Day, such as Catharin Pfeifer's Yellow Cab #599, Bia with Mon Amour, and Balfa Toujours. I'll also play one of my new favorites, Nouvelle Vague's "Guns of Brixton", a bossa nova cover of the Clash's song. You've got to hear this to believe it. They took several 80's songs by groups such as XTC, The Cure, Joy Division, and Modern English and made them into French bossa nova style. I can't play "Too Drunk to F(*#" cover of the Dead Kennedys' song on the radio for obvious reasons, but it's pretty funny, so you're on your own. You'll find it on their website.

You'll also hear Rayna Gellert, Uncle Earl, Victoria Williams, The Cowboy Junkies, Nina Simone, The Maxwell Street Klezmer Band, a Girl Called Eddie, and Nora O'Connor with violin by Andrew Bird. Directly after the show, I'm heading over to the Bastille Day festivities at Barbette's featuring friends Jessy Greene with Desdemona, That's What You Get (at 6 pm), Ear Candy, and many more. Last year's festival was very fun, so I can't wait!

Then, on Thursday overnight I'll be filling in for the Strawberry Pop timeslot. You'll hear seven songs of Mark Mallman as a preview to his seven nights at the Hexagon for his 7th anniversary (maybe they should expand it for the huge draw his shows will have, and call it the Septagon). There will be many terrific local artists playing with him such as Vicious Vicious, Thunder in the Valley, the Gleam, Turantula Skulls (another project of Wes Statler of Melodious Owl -- yes, still only 18 or 19 and yet in TWO bands!), Your Loving Tiger, Revolver Modele, and Fort Wilson Riot, who I heard are really a great new band. . . booker Chris Dorn very highly recommends them. . . you heard it here first!


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