Saturday, April 16, 2005

Where's Cyn tonight and later this week?

Well, there are several options as usual, but what I'm planning on is the Lifestyle of Wigs show at the Dinkytown at 8:15. It ends right at 9 pm so get there early!

Later, I'll attempt to be two places at once: the closing gala party for the film festival after "Murderball" shows at the Uptown. Music at the Suburban World is Kopacz at 9:30, Valet at 10:30, and Thunder in the Valley at 11:30. The other place I'll be is at Lee's sometime after 9:30 to see the Belfast Cowboys, always fun, great music, and dancing.

As I hear there was a sighting of me at the Shins show and elsewhere though I wasn't at either place, it sounds like I'm getting the projection/cloning thing working, now I just have to work on the capability to receive the impressions and experience of these shows. It will be somewhat easier next Friday, Apr. 22, as the two shows I will see are next to each other:

Iron and Wine at First Ave, 6 pm
Mammy Nuns and the Magnolias, 7th St. Entry (not sure of time, maybe 8ish)

Before that, on Thursday, Apr. 21, I'm going to another show that I highly recommend:
The Get Up Johns, with the Handsome Family at the Cedar! This is very exciting that the Get Up Johns are warming up for the Handsome Family. Catch the GUJ while you can, they're excellent with old style harmonies, and instrumentation.

Tomorrow on my radio show on KFAI from 3 - 4 pm I'll play Iron and Wine, Handsome Family, Ol' Yeller, Neko Case, Charlie Parr all who you may see soon! We're so lucky to be in such a great music town.

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