Saturday, April 16, 2005

Fearless Freaks tonight 7:15 Bell

The Flaming Lips documentary, "Fearless Freaks" by the directors of "Okie Noodling," is really great -- funny, weird, sad. I highly recommend it. It shows tonight at 7:15. Last night one of the directors introduced the film, and afterwards director Brad was present for Q and A via cell phone from a simultaneous showing in Austin, TX.

Fearless Freaks features 20 years of footage from high school years, to early punk days when Wayne Coyne said, "we were like hillbillies gone punk doing the Who," and they had loud shows with motorcycles and fires, to the days when they did "parking lot experiments" and boombox events where people would play their stereos simultaneously each equiped with tapes of different sounds. They show interviews in their hometown with their families, and dressed up for Halloween "frightening children," shooting up, and shooting their first feature length film, "Christmas on Mars." There's lots of great footage of their extravanza interactive art rock performances. A lot of the film is bizarre and hysterical as you might imagine.

Toward the end, the extremely hard-working Wayne Coyne talked about the death of his father, and how it changed his life, expressing a philosophy that ensues that I identify with . . . that it makes you live and enjoy life more fully every moment, and do say everything as you think of them to everyone right away instead of waiting till a later hour, or tomorrow or next week, realizing that there may be no tomorrow.

This amazing film will also be showing in local theaters in May, with a huge party, if you miss it tonight. Several local filmmakers and companies were involved in this production.

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