Sunday, April 24, 2005


Potter-Belmar Labs, the revolutionary video & audio projection duo from Ann Arbor, will radically co-mix video and audio before live audiences in five MidWest cities beginning next week!

April 25 ... City Club Cinema, Minneapolis
@ 8:30 @ Grumpy's, 1111 S. Washington Ave
"Enjoy a full complement of food and beverage while witnessing the sheer spectacle of light, sound, and picture. Come one, come all to the most unusually satisfying movie event of the modern era."
# (612)340-9738

April 26 Version>05, Chicago
@ 10 @ Buddy, 1542 N. Milwaukee Ave 2nd floor
"From April 22 to May 1, over 350 artists, performers, media makers, cultural workers and community activists will be participating in over over 200 projects, performances, presentations, talks and interventions, during Version>05 Invincible Desire."
Potter-Belmar Labs conjures spectacle before your eyes and ears, weaving and projecting video from a giant library of sampled culture and original moving image art, composing and conducting the soundtrack on-the-fly. Abstract narratives, music videos, experimental film and improvisation come together in celebration of the grand medium of Cinema.

vjFutureWorkerGirl (Leslie Raymond), the video half of PBL, will be throwing digitally manipulated moving images sourced from analog video, 16mm film, optical printers, digital video and non-linear editing.
spokeNine (Jason Jay Stevens) completes PBL as the audioMixer. He scores Potter-Belmar work via laptop, and cuts and edits, half conductor/ half DJ/ half knob tweaker.

Last seen on the main stage of the Michigan Theater for the 43rd Ann Arbor Film Festival, Potter-Belmar Labs is poised to blow away your expectations on new media. Leslie and Jason have been collaborating since 1999, with work in interactive sculpture, installation, single-channel video, and performance. Their video shorts have screened in theaters and alternative spaces all over the world.

This event is not to be missed!

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