Wednesday, March 14, 2012

SXSW Music Festival, Austin, Texas Night 1

Once I got a tour of the cool, yet laid-back easy-going East side (location of Fader Fort) I eased into the evening listening to a live Mexican folk band on the front porch steps of a beautiful popular little Mexica cantina, I enjoyed a couple excellent margheritas and delicious, fresh enchiladas rojas before hitting the streets filled with people happily wandering to the various backyard parties and outdoor stages that populate the warehouse area of East Side. I saw 1808 Bar future location of Friday's Minneapolis Mock Duck party fe: Astronautalis, Fort Wilson Riot, one o f Rockstar Motel's founding bands, the Japhies, and more.

People on 5th street were split about 50/50 going in 2 directions - the metal warehouse where there was a hip-hop show fe: Danny Brown and others to Scoot Inn where I was headed for the Panache/Sailor Jerry psyche-garage show.
The Scoot Inn. Bare Wires was very Brian Jonestown Massacre sounding. Dirty Ghosts was a good mix of garage, with kinda icky thump rhythms.

A sponsor of the Panache Party. Really good rum, if you like that sort of thing!

Bare Wire audience at Scoot Inn

DJ's in one room, metal in the next. I'll keep an eye on this place!

The Gypsy Bar - fe: a good math/prog rock band (didn't catch name)

The Gypsy Bar

The White Horse - a Honky Tonk Bar, where Lori Barbero usually works. She is busy this week managing 8 stages, such as: Swan Dive, Elysium, The Red 7, Barbarella and more . . .

White Horse staff are clear about what they, and this honky tonk (and so many of us real music lovers) are not about. And, everyone who came up to the bar (self, included) really wants to buy this shirt. They're sold-out, more will be in by Friday . . .

The White Horse - very friendly, fun staff!

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