Friday, March 16, 2012

SXSW 2012 Day 3 (March 15)

Food Truck lots East Austin


Best Burrito ever!

Cults to the right at Tops Warehouse/Gary Clark, Jr. to the left at Fader Fort. Tough decision . . . both!

Tops Warehouse is really cool though it was really hot. Because it is a corrugated metal quonset.

Cults. Amazing. Love this band.

Thousands enjoyed Cults in this airplane hangar scale warehouse.

This could be Rockstar next year!

Gary Clark, Jr. - really great revivalist blues. Worth every word of the hype. I'm going to catch him again at the MOG Party Saturday at Mohawk, fe: Bob Mould Band, The Roots, Blitzen Trapper and more!

Fader Fort occupies about 3 blocks, has several different "rooms" to chill, form a band, play ping-pong, take photos with giant magnetic poetry kit words, hear DJs, lounge on various porches in the sun . . . it was my first time there, and pretty overwhelming in terms of scale and commercial aspects. Loved Gary Clark, Jr., Nite Jewel was mediocre to me.

Chill. Except its kind of hard because there is no floor space with everyone lying on it and no chair space. So first-come first serve to relax.

Fader Fort. It just goes on and on and . . .

Back to East Austin, 6th St. Quieter (a bit) than West Side, but lots of terrific venues, such as Hotel Vegas, 1808, The Gypsy Bar, and more.

More food truck lots! There are like 800 food trucks in Austin (it seems). Also I learned I do not like fried chicken waffles. Not my thing. Should've gotten the fish n chips.

Hotel Vegan (Brooklyn Vegan stages Hotel Vegas on 6ixth St daily in the back with awesome rock shows)

I was on my way to the Big Star show, knowing full well I wouldn't have much luck getting in, when suddenly I hear one of the best rock bands I've heard in ages. My Goodness from Seattle (of course!) Wow, they were crowd stopping, and people were shooting photos/video and raving ecstatically about them. They will be big, mark my words. I talked with a guy on the street, an Austin resident and studio bass-player. He said he saw 2 other Seattle bands, playing on the street corner who were really great too!

SXSW 6ixth Street. Like Bourbon Street, for rock 'n' roll and true music-lovers!

The Historic Driskoll Hotel. I dream of staying here someday . . .

Austin Klesmer Band busking on the street! Fantastic! People were dancing . . . there are several bands busking everywhere.

Banners by another music website. Love the message.

Bandpage HQ looks like a rock 'n' roll/electronica carnival. There's a guy on the roof spinning lighted balls.

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