Saturday, March 17, 2012

SXSW 2012 Day Four: Friday, March 16, 2012

Hitting Red River Road again for another big SXSW 2012 day. Heard the awesome Heartless Bastards and Erika Wennerstrom's astoundingly strong vocals on the walk here. The Windish Agency hosts great bands!

As opposed to "free hugs." LOL

The audience for Night Moves at the First Avenue/City Pages/The Current showcase at Swan Dive, which also featured Fort Wilson Riot, Brother Ali, Doomtree, and more!

Night Moves in action!

Chicken Tikka Masala for breakfast from yummy Naan food truck. I'm going back!

The line for Of Montreal was 3 blocks long . . .

Gabe Douglas (4onthefloor) and Allison, a friend of mine.

Dark Dark Dark (Minneapolis/New Orleans/New York . . .) performing the Vita.MN Showcase. I've loved this band for years!

Fort Wilson Riot's Amy Hager and Jacob Mullis. Sweet!

Doomtree! Swan Dive was packed to the max, no room to move, and the crowd was crazy excited and interactive about Doomtree!

The Men (Brooklyn) rock hard at KEXP Seattle's SXSW showcase at Mellow Johnnie's Bike Shop!

My favorite DJ, Kevin Cole, live on KEXP playing Iggy Pop. Yay!

After The Men . . .

Mellow Johnnie's is so rad.

Artcrank poster show! Go Minneapolis artists!

After The Men, I replenished with coconut water, protein bars and pedicabbed it back over to Peckerheads to catch Bass Drum of Death (Mississippi) whose name intrigued me, they had a buzz and entirely lived up to their name! I felt they were psychedelic with tinges of Brian Jonestown Massacre mixed with some Strokes or the Kills, but really did their own thing, with a killer drummer! Band to be watched!

The Japhies, one of Rockstar Motel's founding artists,  at 1808 Minneapolis Mock Duck Showcase at 1808 Bar

Ben Hovorka shreds for The Japhies

Crazy scene of over 1,000 people outside of Jack White's show at The Stage on 6ixth St.

We could hear some of Jack White through one open window. People between songs chanted for them to open more windows. Heard 4 songs. Then Jack White poked his head out and nodded, walked off stage toward the door and us . . . and then went back. People were bummed he didn't walk out and say hi. His new record - what we could hear - sounds awesome. Of course!

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