Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dark Dark Dark Release CDs two nights of darkness . . .

Dark Dark Dark releases two CDs into the light, Friday at a private party (you're invited as long as you know them and/or where to find the poster — could be a Hard Time). They're also the featured band for the March 15 Electric Arc Radio Show a Literary-Musical Tragicomedy that's the perfect, darkly twisted match. Catch them before they embark on their long dark tour at various points in the U.S. through October.

This dark folk trio — Nona Marie Dark (accordion), Marshall LaCount (banjo) and Jonathan Kaiser (cello) play traditional and traditional-sounding East Euro/Klesmer/Old-timey/Gallic/Old-country blues/ polka-punk/Other music with the seemingly unseemly yet delectably dark combination of the accordion-banjo-cello.

The sonorous cello mournfully swoops and soars in and out with the melodic, sparse banjo, and Baltic and Klesmer sounding accordion , while Nona sings low and plaintive, perfect for their dark ballads, torch and sea shanty style songs. Marshall and Nona harmonize and trade off singing, Marshall's vocals remniscent to me of Andrew Bird. The trio are a harmoniously interwoven relationship of rhythms and strings and vocals mesmerizing to the ears, sending chills, and enchanting to watch looking as though they live the life and times of the songs they play.

The versatile Dark Dark Dark lead "a weird double-life," said Jonathan (Painted Saints, The Blackthorns). "We play restaurants and gallery openings, and then we have clubs life . . . "". . . underground or overground!" continued Marshall (Woodcat). They tend to play more traditional music for restaurants and galleries — old folk songs, jazz standards, gypsy and blues. In clubs they perform mainly their original music — "as original as traditional-sounding music can be!" quipped Nona.

Dark Dark Dark are releasing two CDs. The live EP Love You, Bye was released in France under the label What-a-Mess. Spontaneous, sparse and warm, Jonathan said, "We were trying to capture how we sound live in a living room — the core acoustic experience of Dark Dark Dark. They're also releasing The Snow Magic full-length CD. This one is more arranged, with more instrumentals, and friends joining in such as Martin Dosh playing drums. Those familiar with Dark Dark Dark will hear some new direction with the arrangements and some new songs. They're starting their new label, Blood Onion Records with The Snow Magic CD.

Go into the dark night for Dark Dark Dark treasures and treats before they embark on the long tour of the East Coast and other regions.


Anonymous said...

well the demon seeds they lie fallow . . . but i strutr on down the straight and narrow Any word on NNB and the Urban Guerillas? Someone tried to tell me that Larry Sahagian had passed?

larryguerilla said...

it's been so long since i heard my own voice. did i ever really even have a voice did i have any thing to say. was it all ghost written. my prison is a 4 letter word called love. far worse than any religious exile vaguely political never to return to the place called home. when is less more or enough enough. i watched a 3 way between john waters, bob dylan, and tom waits. it was a silent film no sound track vaguely erotic but not porno. 9 months later i scraped the mold off your tongue and mixed it with your belly button lint and some masa amd lard amd made tamales. walt whitman love and affliction. can lift your spirit but what good is it. can it stop the war. do you believe in it. love and affliction. by your definition.can it stop the war. is it just art. can art affect change roam the wilderness, grass roots in your lifetime. not dead yet just a little out of touch larry love 2008

larry sahagian said...

just in case you find this facebook
disabled email is
phone 507-330-2489
til later....larry