Sunday, March 02, 2008

Brass Kings CD release, Old-Time, and Townes

Life's been good as I've been seeing some great shows . . . there are a few coming up very soon I'd like to recommend here as well.
The Brass Kings CD release party at the Cedar was fantastic as they hosted many good friends, fellow musicians playing their songs with them: Jon Rodine, Molly Maher, Jayanthi Kyle (who, with her band who opened, Black Audience were phenomenal — Jayanthi's vocals are stunning, in their skill and emotive qualities as they did traditional tunes such as Darling Cora, and Dylan's Queen Jane Approximately and the cheeky, playful "It Won't Make a Difference After Dark").

Also playing with the Brass Kings were Baby Grant Johnson ( I rec everyone check out his and Rich Mattson's folk duo project Bitter Spills) and an oft duo partner with Steve Kaul, Dave Babb which is always a treat. The Brass Kings new CD is as excellent as the first, which was one of my favorites of '05.
Attended the MBOTMA (Minn. Bluegrass and Old-time Assoc) fest at Plymouth Radisson yesterday, always a great time, and I hear that The New Bad Habits fe: Chirps Smith, Tim Foss, David Landreth and one more (sorry, let me know) are working on a CD — they were very fun, Chirps and Foss fiddles are incomparably great, and the twin fiddles are beautiful together.
Just a few recommendations live music coming up soon, tonight, Charlie Parr at the Turf Club, The Townes Van Zandt tribute at Lee's Thurs. not to be missed, with several great local musicians/bands doing the Townes songs justice — last year was great — one duo I'm aware of is Jake Hyer (Get Up Johns) and Megan Duddle (Ditch Lilies) together, a real treat. Magic Castles March 7 at Stasius, Murzik CD Release Party March 8 Kitty Cat Klub and Dark Dark Dark CD Release party March 14 and 15 (Check their myspace page for details).

I've been remiss with the fiddle playing and must catch up with it again, as I miss it much, and also must honor where it came from, one of the old time legends from W. Virginia. So practicing much in anticipation of upcoming workshop in April by Jimmy Triplett!

Ice fishing tonight for the first time. Laying low and reading Chabon (so good) and watching Deadwood (dangerously good, but my vocabulary has hit the gutter as I've begun swearing like a late 1880's goldminer as a result, because its so fun. Especially since I grew up near them thar hills, rife with tragic history conducted by hoopleheads.

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Michael M. said...

Andy Gribble plays guitar in New Bad Habits.