Tuesday, October 21, 2008

bedlam at the Bedlam with Frances Gumm and Monoplex

Last night there was so much going on at the Bedlam Theatre it was like candy for me, a multi-media, sensory freak. In the Fireplace Room was Frances Gumm, Paul D's phenomenal punk rock band since 1983. I and the couple dozen others were lucky to be treated to this rare performance. They'll play again when they release their new album they're working on later this winter.

Next door was an old-time square dance, always a good time. Upstairs on the beautiful deck was David Pitman's Monoplex — the Greek tragedy Medea was last night's featured film preceded by shorts Pitman gathered. Somehow it was quite fitting that Medea was playing upstairs, with Frances Gumm's rebellious punk next to a room where at times murder ballads were being played. Paul D. cut his finger on his guitar strings.

In the big room, were many gigantic fantasy creatures and puppets taking shape of cardboard, shimmery cloth, paper mache and various unusual items which Axman is an invaluable source for, as preparation for the Barebones Halloween production is in full tilt. Puppetmakers/performers had just arrived for the annual production from Vermont, and a bicyclist just wheeled in from St. Cloud. We got caught up, then a couple went off to play old-time fiddle, and a few of us discussed our Art Shanty proposals.

Just another fun-filled, creative night at Bedlam Social. They've increased their large array of entertainment offerings, now featuring a Hot Tony DJ night on Mondays. Some will recognize Hot Tony as literally hot — he's a fire-eating flame-juggling, fire-breathing performer who works with Rah Kojis at Bedlam fire-spinning performances (another spectacular part of Barebones production, and various events). There are cabarets on Fridays, Last weeks' was hosted by Bedlam's creative co-director John Buecke and legendary Michael Sommers of Open Eye Figure Theatre. The next one is rife with Puppets, hosted by excellent puppetmaster Dhann Polnau.


Gastro Non Grata said...

Hey cyn

I enjoy your blog about the city and would like to contact you. Here's a long press release about what I do, if you take the time to read it, let me know what you think


We live in a pre-packaged world of top 40 no-talent hacks on the radio, Polo shirt chain restaurants run by Sysco trucks championing the cheapest radiated meat available and washing it all down with frat boy macro-beers with no flavor that aren't even American owned.

I believe we have the answer.

Welcome to Gastro Non Grata.

Gastro Non Grata is a local chef, booze and music show created by Craig Drehmel and Jeff Mitchell. It happens four times a year at the Triple Rock Social Club. Explaining the whole idea can be tricky, but we'll start with our next show, November 9th from 6-9pm.

The music of Eclectone Record's Hojas Rojas kicks things off, then Chris Staples and Aran Madden of Furthermore Beer are going to pour samples and expound upon the virtues of their small Wisconsin Brewery. Chef Mike Phillips of The Craftsman Restaurant will then grind, case and grill sausage to be eaten later by the audience. We raffle off a few hunks of animal and then folk-rock sensation Tuesday's Robot hits the stage and works the crowd into a well-meaning frenzy.

By the time Tuesday's Robot is done, we're eating sausage and drinking more Furthermore beer. We raffle some more meat and then The Wapsipinicon, a new band featuring members of Cloud Cult and Skirt takes the stage. Post-Wapsipinicon, we're drinking and eating some more. Then City Pages Picked to Click band Private Dancer takes the stage to classic rock your faces off. To end it, Andrew of Kopplin's Coffee in St. Paul is going to teach the audience a little bit about coffee and sober us all up for the ride home.

The best part about all of this is that it is free to anyone over 21 years old. We're bringing the three great worlds of food, music and booze together and we would love some help getting the word out.

You can e-mail us at gastronongrata@gmail.com.

We also have a blog just like the rest of the world, gastronongrata.blogspot.com.

Your support is very appreciated

Craig and Jeff

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