Monday, March 12, 2007

Where Eagles Fly, and Pigs Dig Up Roots

Are you experienced with the Eagle's Club? Curious and want to know more? Here's my recent article profiling the Eagles Club in the Bridge, reprinted in the Daily Planet: High Flying Eagles

The Eagles been increasingly popular over the past six months, so much so that often its hard to find a parking spot in its vastly huge (free!) parking lot and surrounding streets. Its really fun to hang out with friends and meet others, tons of room to dance, hundreds of people of all ages and ways of life. And, a separate bar so you can hang out and talk, tons of seating, always some benefit, birthday or wedding party . . . A vast number of us prefer, and will remain loyal to Eagles and Vince's phenomenal growing music programming, even as rumor number 9 flies of a Viking reopening in April. (I feel trepidation about this because I love the historic, legendary aspects of it, but its too small to fit the vast numbers of enthusiastic musicgoers from all over town who love to dance to Willie, the Liquor Pigs, Twin Cities Playboys, the Butanes, Cafe Accordion Orchestra and more, parking is difficult/expensive, sound is bad . . .) if it reopens, hopefully it will cordinate a schedule that works with the Eagles Club, not against. The Eagles Club totally picked up the pieces of the West Bank music scene and grew it and made numerous changes to make the sound better and the place vibrant and cozy for us all. They well deserve our continued allegiance. Not to mention the music is just fantastic.

Mardi Gras was packed to the roof with partiers and fun music. I anticipate equal, if not more fun will be had on St. Patty's day when the Delcounts play and there will be cheap and yummy corned beef and cabbage, and Irish stew for the masses.

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