Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bedlam Theatre's Infiamato: An Incendiary Opera tonight!

Rah's on Fire in Infiamato
What better way to celebrate Vernal Equinox than Infiamato, tonight's outdoor spectacle, Bedlam Theatre's first production in their new space on the West Bank! Tonight's performance is "Pay What You Think It's Worth," and is followed by musical performances by Spider John Koerner, Skoal Kodiak, Dreamland Faces, and DJ Beethcake.

Created by Rah Kjos with Dhann Polnau, Infiamato is described as "a fantastical visual journey with stunning fire performance****, otherworldy circus, and the ancient art of shadow puppetry, set to the score of a hauntingly phrenetic nine piece live orchestra. A story outside of time. A meditation on the death card. Transforming and igniting the flame within us all. (but it's NOT a hippie love fest)."

**Fire eating, breathing, wings, fingers, fans, palms, poi, monkey fists, whip, juggling, staff, sculpture, swords, hoop skirits, tail feathers and snail.

If you've seen Barebones Halloween Show, you'll have a taste of what fiery, illusionary surprises and marvels are in store. If not, I assure you, you'll have seen nothing like this in the TC's. Bedlam Theatre has been pushing the boundries of local imagination since 1993.

It's also playing the next two weekends on Friday and Saturday, for $12. Closing night party features music by: The Knotwells, Bloodwall, Dirtyard and DJ Dang.

Reservations and info at 612-341-1038.

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