Monday, March 12, 2007

I'm Back in the TC Groove, oh yeah . . .

Well folks, so much has happened since last I wrote in November and clearly my blog has been severely neglected. Yet with so much going on, and so many happenings and new news I want to get word out about, I'm compelled to get this thing up and running again. I'll keep up with this blog on a more regular basis, so feel free to subscribe and/or link to my blog. There are multiple postings tonight, but that will not be the norm.

I do my weekly "What's Happenin' Cyn?" calendar Thursdays at 10 a.m. during Dakota Dave Hull's show on KFAI (90.3 Mpls/106.7 St. Paul) and will try to post that here afterwards. KFAI's soon getting a new, beautiful, ultra-navigable website you'll want to check out.

Before I get into cool things I caught after fending off nearly getting pneumonia for the third year in a row, and trying to catch up on fiddle tunes at the same time, I'll just briefly mention those things I missed I wished I could've seen:

Little Man CD review — sweet friend, and phenomenal musician with big soul Chris Pericelli got many of the well-deserved accolades for his hard work and fine showmanship over the years. I was blown away the first time I saw Little Man at the Turf, and have caught several fantastic shows since, one highlight being when he performed at our beloved Oak Street Cinema (RIP) in a tribute to T. Rex prior to a T. Rex film. Congratulations on Automatic Soul, Chris! Sorry I couldn't make the party, but the listening party at the 331 was fun!

Fort Wilson Riot Sing-a-long for their CD to be released maybe June . . . actually the pirate sing-a-long is rescheduled. Yay!

Danny Sigelman's Jammy Party at the 331 . . . sounded so fun. But, he has more in store, so stay tuned here for updates.

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