Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Anti-Valentine's Day fun for the Lonely-Hearts

Anti-Valentine’s Day Fun for the Lonely Hearts

By Cyn Collins

Enquiring lonely hearts (and people who hate Valentine’s Day) want to know! What can you “single ladies” (or guys) do on Valentine’s Day, if you prefer to be social and party rather than curl under a blanket, covering your ears, and la-la-la-ing? V-Day inundates our existence whether we’re coupled or not, so if you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em. Here are a few of my recommendations to avoid the coupling-oriented places.

The 28th Annual Battle of the Jug Bands at the Cabooze Sunday from 1 to 8 p.m. is “the oldest jug band battle in the known universe.” It is the absolute ultimate in irreverent fun and revelry. 20 bands from across the country duke it out for the coveted waffle iron. The Cabooze is packed to the gills with fun-loving, crazy dancing fools like you. You can bet that by mid-day you’ll be well into your cups and feeling the liquid courage to talk to that cute banjo-player from Wisconsin. Why are so many cute musicians from Wisconsin? It must be something in the beer. You won’t feel alone long, as the Cabooze becomes one big mess of free-lovin’ happy shiny people. If you can’t have fun at this, you should check if the ol’ ticker is still tickin’.

“But wait! It’s 8 p.m., they’re cleaning the floors of the mess, and my heart feels like its being swept out with the trash . . . what do I do now?!” you might ask. The night is young, you might be drunk, and aren’t ready to go home alone (the banjo player you talked to is married).

Well, usually there’s an after-party. At the Bedlam or somesuch. Keep your ears open. Ask around. Ask the judges because 10 to 1 they’ve been invited (bribed, embibed) with further post-battle beverages and good times.

But, if you just can’t handle the sound of one more spoon scraping a washboard, and are tired of getting covered with flying jug-juice (ew), there are a couple other things going on. I recommend you call a cab to get to these – 24/7 (612) 522-4363 - my cab company of choice as they are Minnesota's only green car service, with a fleet of diesel and hybrid vehicles, and are musicians trying to make a living.

Paper Hearts 8 p.m. – Midnight at Rogue Buddha (357 13th Avenue NE) – l’etoile + Rogue Buddha invite singles and couples alike to a big “lovey-dovey” get-together. L’etoile invites you to: “Lay eyes on the current exhibit "Till Death Do Us Part" featuring work by artist couple Karen O'Bryan and RM Hanson while you mingle with sweethearts, pals, and possible love connections!

Write sweet sentiments to your lovers, friends or that sexy stranger across the room on a pink paper heart and pop it in our anonymous "love note" box. We'll be periodically posting them up on the wall for everyone's perusal. Think of it as a live version of "Missed Connections," or a way to say what you really feel to someone you "heart."

Enjoy pink specialty cocktails from UV Vodka, sweet treats courtesy of the lovely dames of Cake Eater Bakery, and saucy love songs from DJ Matt Perkins of MPR/Nomad Pub.

Come party after Valentine's dinner with your sweetie, or gather your single friends for a V-Day flirt-a-thon! (Or after the Jug Band Battle, I say!) We'll even have a cozy makeout room ready and waiting!” - l'etoile

A Soultastic Valentine’s Day 8 p.m. – midnight King and I Thai Lounge Mike Elias is one of the best DJs in town, a favorite on first Fridays at the King and I Thai Lounge. You might not feel lonely or alone (or you at least may feel your sore heart soothed by soul), listening to his excellent soul-music spinning.

Elias says: “It's a night for lovers and a night for lovers of soul music as DJ Fathertime and DJ Mrs McFeely spin the steel wheels loaded with music to make you weak in the knees but strong in the heart.”

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