Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Things I've Done; Things I Look Forward To

It's been a phenomenal past couple months. I've attended numerous great shows, too many to mention. Some highlights I've done, that I recommend, when these bands play again:

Courtney McClean and the Dirty Curls, The Knotwells and Black Audience at the 501 Club - very fun, excellent crowd for a Tuesday. These bands garnered new followers and people wishing for their CDs. I'll keep you posted.

Saltee at Barbette Monday night. They are members of Jelloslave (Jacqueline and Michele on cellos, Gary on Tablas) plus Mike Michel (Bill Mike) on a beautiful old (Fender?) electric guitar and Carnage, beatboxing. Their songs are mesmerizing, transcendental, pulsing, driving and seamlessly flowing various musical genres at their skilled fingertips. I didn't want the music to end. Next performance, and new CD possibly in Mar/April. Keep an eye out for Barbette music on Mondays and Thursdays - following them on Twitter helps.

ARCWELDER and Gay Witch Abortion a week ago at the Turf Club. Really great show. Hardcore and really tight, creative stuff. Fantastic crowd.

Art Shanties opens this Saturday!!! I'm really looking forward to: Art Swap Shanty (Julie and Scott Kesti live downstreet from me!), Black Bania Shanty, (poetry and comedy above by Mary Mack, Paul D. Laura Brandenburg and Steph Wilbur Ashe on top/sauna inside - bring a swimsuit), Reclamation Art Shanty, ArtPost Shanty (send postcards to your sweetie from the frozen lake!) and more.
• After your toes are froze from the lake, warm up by dancing to the Can Kickers "old-timey riot music for dancin'" and The Knotwells at the Hexagon, Saturday night!
Jen Markey's CD Release Party Turf Club Jan. 23. She performs at Palmer's 2nd Thursdays.
Chooglin' residency at Palmer's latenight, the first 3 Saturdays in February!!!

These are but a few, but I'll try to keep people posted more, due to numerous requests beyond my Thursday morning Dakota Dave Hull Show calendar at 10 a.m.

New links I love:
WFMU's Beware of the Blog (yes, still. Biggest, funnest time-waster in the Universe)
Cook to Bang Blog: Recipes to get you laid, and they look pretty good, too. "Approach love and cooking with reckless abandon." - The Dalai Lama
Cooking with Jocinda - a friend's food experiences and recipes. Fun!
Arts Communique blog, Sheila Regan's blog on art and performance

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Anonymous said...

Really good to see you're updating the blog. I'm looking forward to your music recommendations. Found out about you after purchasing West Bank Boogie which has been a great read and reference.

Appreciate all that you're doing to keep the West Bank scene alive.