Saturday, November 26, 2005

West Bank Music Legends at the Eagles Club, Now!

Hey everyone! If you haven't heard Spider John Koerner yet, now's the time . . . he's playing in about one hour (7 pm). There's a big West Bank hootenanny goin' on right now (till late) at the Eagles Club located in the Seward neighborhood, 25th St. and 25th Avenue S. to celebrate the life of Dave Ray, who passed on Thanksgiving Day three years ago.

I just heard legendary blues harmonica player Tony Glover with his band V3; amazing. He, of course was a third of "Koerner and/or Ray and/or Glover." You may have seen him commenting on Dylan in the recent film. What perhaps not so many people know is that he was a radio show host in the early years of KDWB where he interviewed Pete Townsend, Robbie Robertson and more, and a music writer for Creme and Rolling Stone, from '69 to '71 in the hottest of music times, interviewing and writing reviews and articles about Jimi Hendrix, Patti Smith (for 30 hours) and Joplin, The Doors, The Allman Bros. He was requested by the two latter bands to play blues harp with them, some of his favorite times. Amazing times and somebody I've got tons of respect for. You can catch him and V3 playing at the 331 Club Dec. 2.

Other players tonight after Koerner are The Front Porch Swingin' Liquor Pigs, who are really getting around this weekend. They're celebrating their new CD, Last Album, Great time band who I've seen near weekly over most of the 8 years they've played Friday's from 7 - 9 pm at the Viking.

It's rumored that Willy Murphy, brilliant musician who I love, is popping by after the Pigs for solo piano before heading down to the Viking. This is not to be missed! That would be about 8:30 or so . . .

Max Ray, phenomenal sax player formerly of the Wallets, and currently playing with X-Boys fe: members of the Suicide Commandos and the 'Burbs, is MC'ing his bro's event. It's well attended by over 100 old(er) West Bankers. You wanna hear stories? Get a feel for what that community is like? Come on down!

I love these old cats, and hanging out with them over the years, hearing their stories and their songs is what compelled me to write my book on West Bank musicians such as those playing tonight, who've played since the early '60's at legendary bars such as the Triangle, the Viking, Palmers, and the 400 Bar. The book will be out early to late Spring, from the looks of it.

A note to KFAI's Jackson Buck fans: he's returning from Florida/Boston to KFAI as their new Marketing Director. He was the instigator of the popular JukeJoint series at the Viking Bar after bands were on his show, Wednesday afternoons that Harold Tremblay is continuing.

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