Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Cyn's (and Neil Young's) Birthday Extravaganza Nov. 12 at the Hex

Hey everyone -- I'm celebrating my 40+ birthday, at the Hexagon, November 12! Music begins right at 9:30 pm with New Vintage (formerly Baby Grant Johnson Band), then Kruddler, then Fort Wilson Riot, and then the Knotwells!!! ALL the bands have brand spankin' new CD's, (New Vintage soon to be released) and promises to cover one or more Neil Young faves as it happens to be his birthday, too! (that's something to live up to, eh?) You'll hear excerpts from his new album between sets. I may get Paul Dickinson, of Speedboat Gallery and Frances Gumm infamy to do live underground poetry reading as well! Anyone who was at the Knotwells CD release party with also Fort Wilson Riot, knows what a fun sweaty dance party mess this will be, and if you missed it . . . you have another chance to experience my favorite bands out there right now.

But, there's more . . . if you come early, say . . . 9ish, there'll be phenomenal free East Indian food from master chef Ashok Bedi, owner of Sahib's Restaurant.

40 isn't old . . . my life has just begun in many ways and I'm celebrating my many beloved friends and all their support in my writing, music, KFAI radio, etc. and so on. I can't wait to see all of you there!

Cheers! Cyn


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