Sunday, December 09, 2007

Lost Love at the Bedlam Theatre thru Dec. 16

This weekend is the last chance to experience Lost Love, performed at the Bedlam Theatre through Dec. 16. Lost Love is the first in a trilogy of plays premiered by area playwright Peter Papadopoulos, a Bedlam Theatre collaborator.

Lost Love is an innovative, edgy play juxtaposing personal and worldly catastrophies. From a hurricane/flood leaving a new bride (Kristi Terns) alone and stranded accompanied by a valet,(John Cole) seemingly the only other survivor, to the breakdown of a relationship, rife with conflict over possessions and loss of love, sanity and possessions. The clashing of wills and desires are sharply contrasted as the bride and valet have lost their people and homes and are desperately alone and hungry, while the lesbian couple played by Heather Wilson and Maren Ward, haggle over the discontent and loss of love because of cheating, the loss of trust and disintegration due to compulsive shopping and overspending ways. Disillusioned Ward, inspired by brooding French Art Film Guy on Television, decides to tune in and drop out, discarding the possessions, and taking in the stranded bride and valet. Compassion, bewilderment and collisions ensue, climaxing with a very late pizza. This play is a fantastic, raw, edgy look at perspectives about love and possessions and loss from shallow to shattering. Don't miss it!

Shows Thursday through Sunday @ 8pm - Novemeber 30th-December 16th.
Plus 3pm MatineeSaturday December 15th.

Tickets $15-18
plus $5 discounts for Under 25 / Over 65 / Performing Artists / and Collective Workers
AND a $2 Rebate when you Walk, Bike, take the Bus or Train ("How did YOU get here?)

Pre-show Dinner available as well. The food is excellent! And the drinks are very reasonably priced. Great Wine and Beer selection.

$15 Prix-Fixe Dinner features your choice of:
Citrus Roasted CHICKEN
Sunflower Seed encrusted TILAPIA
or a vegan SWEET POTATO w/ Parsnip Puree
all with salad, your choice of sides, dessert, and coffee

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