Monday, November 27, 2006

My West Bank Boogie book is OUT!!

My 170 plus page book on West Bank musicians playing in the area since the '60s, published by is filled with fantastic vintage photos, memorabilia and candid, funny and poignant interviews conducted over the past couple years, with a foreword by Garrison Keillor. PLUS a 17-song compilation CD of most the musicians, such as
Willie Murphy, Koerner, Ray and Glover, Bill and Judy, Lazy Bill Lucas, Eddie Berger and more. Part of the proceeds goes to an emergency health care fund for the musicians in the book. You can find out more, and get your copy directly from the publisher, Triangle Park Creative here:

West Bank Boogie Website

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Jim Malec said...

I enjoyed the event and thaught you might like to see some of my photos.

See them at my website.

Also do you have any e-mail addresses for the musicians, I'd like to send them copies of the photos.