Sunday, August 20, 2006

Weeks and Pigs Packed the Eagles nest

Over 200 people packed the very large dancehall space of the Eagles Club Friday night, for Randy Weeks' fabulous CD release party. The new home of the Front Porch Swingin' Liquor Pigs Friday 7 - 9 happy hour hoedown is a great fit as the sound is great and there's plenty of room to dance. They owned the space, which was rearranged skillfully by singer Mary Leinfelder, with rows of tables triangulated so the dance floor is more intimate like the Viking used to be, and you would inadvertantly see your buddies and chat on the way, or choose to sit closer to the stage. Seems the entire community that the Viking and the Pigs, and Willie and Jackson's Juke Joint and more built, flew to the Eagles, plus many more. And, community is what Eagle's Club is about. Tireless booker of many years Vince Gillespie has worked hard bringing in the legendary musicians that love to play there on a regular basis such as Willie Murphy, the X-Boys, The New Riverside Ramblers, Trailer Trash and more. Vince told I and a local Pulse editor/musician "We're here for the community. That's what we do." She exclaimed in all her years and all the clubs she's been to, that's the first time she's heard that, and was majorly charmed by the Eagle's to boot, as so many of us who've drifted there have been. It's the new hot spot, you'll know what I mean, when you check it out if you haven't already.

And with the X-Boys and Willie Murphy alternating following the Liquor Pigs on Fridays, its fine times at the Eagles, and still in our community close to the gone but not forgotten Viking, and other fun hotspots like the Hex and Memory Lanes, Nomad and more. Now that Viking refugees have been offered residencies by 400 (Willie), 331 Club (Jackson's Juke Joint) I highly recommend supporting them at their new digs . . . even if drink prices are slightly more than the Viking, the bottom line is if we want a music scene, we gotta get out and see the shows, so these places don't die a Viking death.

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