Saturday, October 08, 2005

You missed X-Boys! With members of Wallets, 'Burbs, Suicide Commandos . . .

I felt as though I were let in on a secret, as this afternoon I listened to the X-Boys, a hot group that's a veritable who's who of Twin Cities seminal musicians of the past two decades, at the Eagle's Club in the Seward Neighborhood, 25th Street and 25th Avenue. I went there to interview saxophone player Max Ray, formerly of the Wallets and brother of Dave Ray for my forthcoming book which features a chapter on Dave.

What a great surprise not only to hear Max and his wife Rochelle's terrific horn section, but also in this 20 year group of eight, Chris Osgood and Dave Ahl of the Suicide Commandos, the Suburbs Hugo Claers for awhile on the drums, and Bruce Allen on guitar, (Chan couldn't make it today, but he often plays with the X-Boys as well), Steve Fjalstad, John King, and lead vocals Casey MacPherson, of Boy's Life and The Litter, who was the Suburbs tour manager for 4 years, for Soul Asylum on a tour before Bill Sullivan and Husker Du for 3 years, and worked as monitor engineer for the Replacements for a couple of tours. He also worked at First Ave usually spelling "Pre-Conrad" stage manager, Brother Fred Darden.

As I listened to this fun band do covers which were all over the map from Deep Purple's Hush, to Bowie's All the Young Dudes, to Disco Inferno . . . I lamented more people didn't hear about this, at a place where drinks are cheap, and the stage is very cool.

When I talked to Bruce and Max about the 'Burbs and the Wallets playing on the same bill at 1st Avenue, and commented on how the hot horn section really makes the band sound great, Bruce talked about how, when the Suburbs discovered a horn section, that really did it for them (one of their standout tradmarks for me as well). He relayed that he loved how the horns filled the spaces, and how it gave more freedom to Chan Poling. One of Bruce's favorite gigs was at the Roxy in California, when Chan's keyboards were broken down and it was he, Michael, Hugo, and Beej in a chicken suit, with Chan singing that was one of their best gigs, in '99.

You'll get a couple chances to hear the X-Boys at this Eagle's Club the first Saturday of November and of December, from 8 - midnight. It will be the above line-up, possibly with Hugo on the drumkit again.

Keep an eye out also for Some 'Burbs w/ the Suburbs minus Beej, plus Max Ray and Rochelle Becker on tenor and baritone sax! Bruce will let me know, then I'll let you know!

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