Tuesday, August 16, 2005

the Knotwells new CD!

Hey! It's arrived! The new Knotwells CD, Blood River Melodies, which is ultra-fantastic. With Arik's intelligent songwriting skills and charismatic hardcore, agressive, and yet somehow nearly breaking your heart or making you feel his anger and angst sometimes all at the same time, with the excellent instrumentation of fellow Knotwells on banjo, viola, drums, guitar and assorted handmade instruments, some by luthier "the Joel."

Spontaneously I went to their CD release party which was high energy and hundreds were moshing, this on the same night ironically as Gogol Bordello, who I think are brothers from two different mothers as far as bands go . . . but, the Knotwells were not hosted by Clear Channel, so the price and the ideology were right. I LOVE Gogol. But Ritual Music? I cannot go. (In case you care to know, and didn't, Ritual is Clear Channel).

Featured on the CD are the Knotwells uniquely revolutionary and rebellious songs about survival, treachery, religion being a big letdown, poverty, drug abuse, folklore, dark dangers from a Neo-Nazi in New Orleans and a mythical creature in the woods, friends that abandon you in times of trouble such as a bike crash. Fistful of Dynamite is inspired by the Sergio Leone western of that title, with a "unique sense of class consciousness and a sense of being on the sidelines of a revolutionary war," the Knotwells' classic "Nothing New (for Trash Like You)" inspired by film Gummo, and a favorite of mine, "Treblinka," "an imaginary story of a Gypsy junkie on the way to a death camp . . . "

The show was extremely intense, like a freight train. The Knotwells reverence for, and connect of old Appalachian Folk Songs (Harry Smith Collection), old country (Hank!) and film and literary and ballad references to punk are done so well. They've been playing in these here parts for a long time, and Lee's for several weeks recently and have worked really hard on this CD which is a true work of art on many levels. Lyrics, liner notes, art, beautiful package . . . this and friends Fort Wilson Riot's CD make burning a crime because you won't get the art with it!

I highly recommend this . . . they're on tour now, but will be playing here in September, a fast hard intense live show not to be missed. Here's the schedule in case anyone reads this from these other towns.

aug. 16- chicago,il- the mutiny (2428 n. western ave. logan sq.) w/ your
loving tiger, and drop earrings
aug. 17- st. louis,mo- fredericks lounge (4454 chippewa) w/ the homewreckers
aug. 18th, Des Moines, IA - Hairy Mary's (2307 University Ave. ) , opening for Totimoshi,
and Skin of Earth.
aug. 20- denver, co- benders tavern (314 e. 13th ave.) w/ reckless kelly,
and the railbenders
sep. 23- triple rock- w/ new model army
nov. 3- lee's w/ reverend glasseye

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