Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Knotwells, free at Lee's Liquor Lounge tonight!

Yay, another great rebellious, sweaty dance party! If you liked Gogol Bordello, you'll also like The Knotwells, an absolute not-to-be-missed band that you have to experience live is playing for free at Lee's Liquor Lounge tonite with Hot Rod Hearse!

Arik Xist, singer says:

the group I play with (the Knotwells) will be playing a free show with psychobillies, Hot Rod Hearse at Lee's (101 N. Glenwood in downtown Minneapolis) on Thursday, May 12th. I think this one is gonna be a rocker. Playing St. Cloud was quite invigorating, spirits are high, liquor will be flowing...Time to get out, get your groove going...(yeah, I suck, what of it?)

He doesn't suck. While still underground, in basements, and warehouses, co-ops, and jukejoints, they've played over 70 shows in the past couple years, and if you haven't caught one show yet, go see what you're missing. Go to the link above to their website created by friend Mike Gunther's Restless Soul, Suzanne Scholten . . . there you'll see photos and can access their songs so you get an idea of what you're in for.

They feature many cool instruments: violin, accordion, guitar, Manjo, miked bike instrument, banjo, mando, kazoo, horns, you name it, they play it. Defying description, the closest I can come to it is. . . twang-punk, East Euro Gypsy Punk, whatever it is, they make you dance. Which is what its all about. Besides great stories of trash, murder, debauchery, and rebellion.

You get another chance Thursday, May 19, 8 pm at the Triple Rock for the Green Party and Music, a benefit for Cam Gordon, City Council Candidate for Ward 2 (yay!). Playing with the Knotwells are: Unknown Prophets, Bleeding Hickeys, Chadwick Anderson, and Building Better Bombs. Great event!

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